Winter adventure

Do you love to be in the winter mountain?

Then you are here right. Thanks our service you will have opportunity to see the mountain from another perspective. Through the common hiking ways, or following steep ridges or even walls. It’s up to you and your abilities. Bulgarian mountains are not that high, but they could be real challenge in winter conditions, or true pleasure in sunny, windless days offering amazing views, which do not concede the views in the Alps. Choosing our guide service you will have unforgettable pleasant experience in the winter mountain.

Choose what you want to do: simple hike, ascend through ridge or climbing some of the most famous walls in bulgarian mountains and share your wishes with us. We will propose tour that suits you best.

It is a great opportunity to combine your ski vacation or business visit in Bulgaria with snowshoeing, ski touring, ascents through ridges with picturesque 360° view, or even climbing of demanding walls, if you have already background as a climber.

Winter equipment such as sunglasses, glows, clothes and boots is required.

Crampons, snowshoes, etc. you can hire, if you can not bring them with.

The usual daily guiding service rate is:

Snowshoeing, ski touring -210€ in group up to 6 persons

Climbing – 210€ up to 2 persons

Prices include only guiding service.

Get in touch and book your winter adventure.

List of suggestions for winter trekking – snowshoeing or ski touring.

  • Definitely is the region of the seven lakes well known destination, it might is the most famous part of Bulgarian mountains. Frozen lakes, covered with snow and white ridges are unforgettable scenery.
Seven rila lakes snowshoeing
Snowshoeing at the region of The seven lakes
The seven rila's lakes, peak Haramiata
Peak Haramiata in background in the range of The seven lakes
  • The valley of Malyovitsa is a lovely place for hikers.
winter panorama malyovitsa
Winter panorama from Malyovitsa
Ski touring at the range of Malyovitsa
Ski touring at the range of Malyovitsa
  • The range of Mt. Musala.
Mt. Musala
Mt. Musala
Ascending Mt. Musala
Ascending Mt. Musala
  • Mt. Vihren and Mt. Kutelo in Pirin Mountain
View from the top of Kutelo
View from the top of Kutelo
Ascending Mt. Kutelo, Mt. Vihren in background
Ascending Mt. Kutelo, Mt. Vihren in background

Bulgarian mountains offer as well steep ridges, as ascending of them is closer to climbing, but still easy and suitable for non climbers. They require endurance and no fear from height. In order to be provided safety to the clients, max. number of participants for such kind of ascents is two for one guide.


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