It is one of the newest climbing crags developed in last 3 years, located very close to the Serbian border, that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if officers of border police ask for your papers.  The … Read More


It is about 120 km. in northeast direction from Sofia away. To the crag close to town of Teteven belong two sectors: Ribaritsa and Sinyoto kolelo (the blue wheel). Both are relatively new developed in last … Read More

Vratsa region

It is huge cliff close to Vratsa – 130km northeast from Sofia, the second biggest climbing area in Bulgaria. This place is very popular among the trad and bolted multipitch lovers. The main cliff is about … Read More

The gorge of Erma river

Nowadays is that one very touristic place, especially for weekend’s barbecue, but like climbing spot is abandoned, although use to be quite popular in the past, today almost nobody comes here for climbing. Few years ago … Read More


Lakatnik is the name of small village in the valley of Iskar river about 60 km. from Sofia. It has 4 climbing crags with height between 20 to 45m. Lovely place for sofia’s climbers for one-day … Read More

Prohodna cave

It might is the most famous climbing crag in Bulgaria. About 120 km. away from Sofia, close to town of Lukovit. It is huge tunnel cave with about 40 m. height. Here you will find routes … Read More


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