After passing Petzl Rocktrip in 2014, Bulgaria became popular among the international climbing community. Then were presented very small part of all climbing crags, but many others remained out of sight. We collect here some of the favorite and some non popular crags. The list will be constantly supplemented.

The location of Sofia determinates huge amount of opportunity for climbing possibilities in almost every direction. In a radius from about 100km are concentrated the most popular climbing areas in Bulgaria. You can choose one or multy-day trip.

If you want to embark on an adventure, you will reach Plovdiv, Kardzhali, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse and even the sea coаst.

One main advantage on Bulgarian climbing crags is, that they very rarely could be overcrowded and you do not need to wait for your route. The number of climbing spots is imposing in relation to the climbers. Going somewhere to climb you could be the only one on this day.

Another advantage is, that slippery routes are very few, so you can enjoy firm rock and good friction.

From the menu in right side you can choose, depends on your wishes, where you would like to go. Here you will find short article and some photos to have an idea, what to expect.