The frozen kingdom of Skakavitsa

The Ice climbing gains more popularity in last years among climbing community in Bulgaria and definitely the valley of Skakavitsa is the most visited place. This is a range high up in Rila mountain, where the … Read More

Mt. Vihren

Mt. Vihren is situated in Pirin mountain as it is the highest peak in this mountain (2914). In the summer season it is among the most visited hiking spots in Bulgarian mountains. Object of climbing is … Read More


Bozhenitsa is a climbing area with two crags very close the village of Bozhenitsa. It is located 20km. away from town of Botevgrad and about 80km. from Sofia. It is appropriate for beginners and intermediate. The … Read More


Lakatnik is the name of small village in the valley of Iskar river about 60 km. from Sofia. It has 4 climbing crags with height between 20 to 45m. Lovely place for sofia’s climbers for one-day … Read More


The valley of Malyovitsa is called “The cradle of bulgarian  alpinism”. Here had begun every climber, who later headed to the high mountains. Located around 90 km from Sofia in the heart of Rila mountain it … Read More


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