Deep Water Solo is a variation of climbing that resembles Bouldering, the common one in between is that the climbing is without the use of safety equipment. The usual length climbed Rocks above the water is 10-15 meters, sometimes higher. In case of fall, a person falls into the water below, that requires swimming skills and body control during the flight down. Getting in the water in a position different than “with the legs down” can be very painful and even leads to injuries in the internal organs.
Bulgaria is often compared to Mallorca (the most popular place for DWS in Europe). In July and August, the Black Sea water is warm enough and relatively calm, making the emergence out of the water on the rocky coast safe. Usually, in the first half of August, a DWS lovers’ meeting is taking place at the Tyulenovo coast. Vertical and overhanging rocks offer challenges for experienced and beginner.



DWS Tyulenovo, BulgariaDWS Tyulenovo, BulgariaDeep Water Solo, Tyulenovo, BulgariaDeep Water Solo, Tyulenovo, BulgariaDWS Tyulenovo, BulgariaDWS TyulenovoDWS Tyulenovo