Customize your climbing adventure in Bulgaria


Explore the vertical side of Bulgaria with its enormous number of climbing crags combined in different areas all over the countryside.

If you are a beginner and seek a new venture or you are experienced climber and need a hand  in choosing the best place to climb, we can offer you a private and personal approach based on your level of experience and expectations.

Bulgaria can offer you a vast range of activities from simple hiking and mountaineering, to rock climbing, boulder, sport, trad and ice climbing in the winter.

You get to choose and we can help you choose best.

Join us and get ready for an adventurous ride in the enchanting world of climbing in Bulgaria.

Climbing Komshtitsa Climbing at Komshtitsa Malyovitsa


Climbing Destinations


The newest sport climbing crag in Bulgaria had been opened last weekend with a meeting – competition. Over 60 participants took part in it and most of the new routes got its ascents and assessment, but … Read More


It is one of the newest climbing crags developed in last 3 years, located very close to the Serbian border, that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if officers of border police ask for your papers.  The … Read More


It is about 120 km. in northeast direction from Sofia away. To the crag close to town of Teteven belong two sectors: Ribaritsa and Sinyoto kolelo (the blue wheel). Both are relatively new developed in last … Read More