Traditional climbing, or Trad climbing, is a type of rock climbing in which a climber  places all gear required to protect against falls (pitons, etc.), and removes it when a passage is completed.
Before the advent of sport climbing  the usual style of unaided rock climbing was what is now referred to as “traditional”. In trad climbing, a leader ascends a section of rock placing his or her own protective devices while climbing.
Trad climbing can be as short as length of one rope. It also can be very long multi-pitch climbing.
The traditional climbing in Bulgaria is presented from two main climbing areas: the rock cliff next to Vratsa and the region of Maljovitsa in Rila mountain. In the latest years were set some new hard routes, but there are many routes from the previous generation (when the aid climbing use to be usual) which still don’t have free ascends. In addition many small crags are waiting for you. And the good news is: they won’t be any other climbers at this place, because here the trad climbing is not such popular like the sport. Also many virgin rocks are waiting for you and challenge you to new adventure.