The frozen kingdom of Skakavitsa

The Ice climbing gains more popularity in last years among climbing community in Bulgaria and definitely the valley of Skakavitsa is the most visited place. This is a range high up in Rila mountain, where the ice cover rocky shapes whole winter and inspire with it’s surrounded attractiveness every climber dared to crawl on the frozen surface. The valley is a part of preserved area Skakavitsa, but the access is free for every visitor.

Here you will find frozen waterfalls and flowed ice on the steep rocky relief. The height of ices is from 50 to 150m. The difficulty varies from W3 to W6. Before you reach the end of the valley, where are the ices you will see right of you the wall of Mt. Kabul, which is very suitable for mix climbing. There are several adventurous lines on this wall with length up to 250m.

Even, if you do not intend to climb, this is “must see” place. The approach is quite easy, between 2 and 4 hours from the car, depends on the winter conditions. Only half an hour away, before you reach the ices, is located hut Skakavitsa, from where the path passes through.

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