Mt. Vihren

Mt. Vihren is situated in Pirin mountain as it is the highest peak in this mountain (2914). In the summer season it is among the most visited hiking spots in Bulgarian mountains. Object of climbing is its north wall, which is separated on two parts. The right one (so called The Funnel) is often under avalanche danger due to not enough steepness and keeps huge amount of snow, which could easily slide under human pressure. The left part (The Triangle) impress with its tremendous vertical relief. This is one of the most demanding walls for winter climbing in Bulgaria. It rises up almost 400m. and requires very good climbing skills, endurance and knowledge of working with the gear. The north wall of Vihren is not preferable to be climbed in summer conditions because it is too brittle.

Along the left side of the wall stretches the famous Dzhamdzhiev ridge, which is the common way to reach the top in winter conditions. Despite its low technical difficulty, for non climbers (hikers)  it is as hard as for climbers the left side of the wall.

If you decide to attempt the peak you have to be aware,  that in deep fresh powder snow moving up could be very slow and exhausting.

If you want to climb the wall you should start approaching at about 4 a.m. in order to reach the foot of the wall not later then 8 a.m.. The average time of climbing for well prepared climbers is approximately 6 hours. Of course it depends on which route you have chosen.

In the region around Vihren are located some others picturesque sharp ridges – Koncheto and Koteshki chal, which are not technical, but you have to be very careful and confident in every step not to fall several hundred meters.

This range of Pirin mountain is prominent under the name Marble part of Pirin.

We will be glad to show it to you from closer.

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