Mountaineering is the oldest and most adventurous type of climbing. Mountaineering is also the most dangerous type of climbing and requires a lot of skills  in order to safely climb up a mountain and get back down. A mountaineer must be good at climbing on rock, snow and ice. He has to be aware of all natural  hazards: rockfall, avalanche, lightning etc,. He has to know how to take care of himself and his partners/friends in normal and extreme situations. This knowledge includes: cooking, medical and many other skills. Plus, mountaineering also requires cultural knowledge in order to get to remote mountains  in different countries.
The challenge of Bulgarian mountains in the winter could set you in ultimate limit due to bad weather conditions or difficulty , but if you are not “surprised” from unexpected  weather and you are aware of the route it could be pleasant experience. Easy or hard routes are available for you, depends on your wishes. Especially Pirin and Rila mountain offers steep slopes and sharp ridges. On the slideshow  you see one very small part from all that beauty.

Choose our guiding service and have an remarkable experience in Bulgarian mountains.