Bozhenitsa is a climbing area with two crags very close the village of Bozhenitsa. It is located 20km. away from town of Botevgrad and about 80km. from Sofia. It is appropriate for beginners and intermediate. The experienced climbers will not find their projects here, but they can enjoy the nature and the sandstone, which is unique for Bulgaria and the few hard routes above 7a. This is a nice place for one-day trip, or stop on your way toward Vratsa, Karlukovo or Veliko Tarnovo. The height is between 20 to 30m.

This climbing area posses it’s own climate, which offer good conditions even in the winter.

If you decide to visit this place, definitely must take water with.

After rain you should wait at least one week, because the rock is hygroscopic, it keeps water for a long time and because of this is very brittle.

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