Komini, Vitosha mountain

Komini is a rock formation from two separated rocks right above Sofia. 20km from the center of the city away to the exit point of the path, which leads to the cliff (20 min.) All routes here are bolted and the longest of them reach 80 meters. In spite of it’s height (1500-1600m. elevation) it is quite hot in the summer, because of the south face. In cloudy days you could have luck of pleasant temperature (if it does not rain), otherwise is the spring and the autumn right season. This is one of the main training spots for every beginner who wants to touch the real rock. Most of the routes are easier than 6b (mostly between 4b and 5c). This place also offer options for training of using trad gear, as you can take advantage of the safety of the bolts. The descend is by path.

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